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Salem’s most trusted Auto Rickshaw Advertisement Provider.

We are the leading auto rickshaw advertising agency in Salem.

We provide best Auto rickshaw branding all over the Salem District Tamil Nadu, India.

Trying to come up with new and innovative ideas, we provide Auto Advertising Service for promoting your brand to potential customers.

Lowest Rates and Quick response. Promote Your Brand.

Auto Advertisement is a high impact, eye catching and cost-effective form of transit advertising in Salem.

Impact and reach of Auto Rickshaw advertising when compared with money spent is huge, and it’s still a media which is not exploited.

Contact us to get your own targeted, cost-effective Auto advertising campaign today.

Some unique benefits of Auto Advertisement in Salem

High Exposure

Stunning Visibility : 360 degree, Optimal Eye level in Salem.

Most affordable outdoor medium in Salem.

Effective reach amongst 8 to 80-year-olds in Salem.

Auto Ad maneuvers into even those areas which other vehicles cannot reach in Salem.

Autos stay in prime locations in search of customers, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand in Salem.

Best feature: the entire traffic conspires to become your captive audience, especially at traffic junctions where people need something to read while waiting in Salem.

Result driven & Cost affordable Auto Rickshaw advertising in seconds in Salem.

Start your marketing campaign with the Salem Auto Rickshaws available to hit the roads. We delivers your message, where and when you want in Salem.

Rates and Auto ads Area in Salem 

Salem Auto Rickshaw Advertisement tariffs are extremely economical as compared to sky-rocketed rates of advertisement with the other available mediums.

This transit media is very cheap and covers lots of eyeballs in Salem.

Salem Auto rickshaw travel in the whole city having not any fixed route.

So your campaign covers attention from the whole Salem city.

Passengers Auto rickshaw travels 24×7 in Salem city, which also gives it a plus point.


Rates depends on Count, timing , Duration, Area, and market – For more details Call us.


What is Auto Rickshaw Advertising? 

Auto-Rickshaw advertising consists of using Auto’s for branding and promotional activities of any given brand or company. This is done by placing company advertisement on Auto Rickshaw.

What are the main options available for brand advertisement using Auto Rickshaws?

Advertisement can be carried out either in the form of advertising on the complete Auto Hood or Stickers on the Auto Back Panel.

How much does it cost for advertising all Auto Rickshaw Hoods in Salem?

Rates of advertising on Auto Rickshaw hoods usually vary from city to city and number of autos to be used for advertising.

Is the rate of printing and mounting included in the above mentioned price of auto advertising?

Yes. Printing and mounting charges for advertising on Auto-Rickshaw are included in the above mentioned prices of Auto ads. GST charges are extra on all mentioned prices.

What is the minimum campaign duration for advertising on Auto-Rickshaws in Salem?

Usually Auto Rickshaw advertising campaigns has to be of minimum one month in Salem.

However due to the nature of this Transit media advertising, the ads stay on the Auto-rickshaws until Auto owners put the next advertisement.

So usually more than 50% of ads stay on the auto-rickshaws for more than a month and maybe more than six months in some cases.

How is the auto advertising campaign monitored and what proof is provided for or such kind of transit media campaigns to clients?

Clients themselves can stay present while the mounting of Advertisement on Autos is being carried out.


Photos of Autos caring client advertisements along with Auto registration numbers are provided to clients a as proof of campaign execution.


Are end of campaign photos also provided for auto rickshaw advertising?

No. Due to the nature of this Transit media advertising, it’s not feasible to provide “End of Campaign” images for auto rickshaw branding in Salem.


What kind of materials are used in in printing stickers and auto Hoods?

Usually Rexine and vinyl material is used to print auto Hood and sticker respectively for advertising on auto rickshaws in Salem.

How to start an Auto Advertisement campaign?

You may call us +91 94980-22026.



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