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Advertisement Rates in Daily Thanthi in Karur
Advertising Rate Card for Daily Thanthi Newspaper in Karur

Top Advertising Agency in Karur Daily Thanthi. 

We provide the most competitive prices in the market for buying media space in the Daily Thanthi newspaper in Karur.

Daily Thanthi, the leading and popular Tamil daily newspaper is printed in 16 cities across India and in Dubai.

It is the ninth largest newspaper daily of the country in terms of circulation and readership.
Book your Daily Thanthi advertisement with us and avail of the lowest rates.


Daily Thanthi Display Ad 

Display advertisements Daily Thanthi are the most extravagant form of newspaper advertising in Karur .

They can be published on any page and can occupy any amount of space in a specific Daily Thanthi newspaper page.


Daily Thanthi Classified Ad 

There are two types of classified ad such as Classified Text Ad and Classified Display Ad.


Dinathanthi Classified Text Ad is the most cost-effective forms of advertising in any Newspaper.

The Ads appear in the classified section in the standard running text format.

Rate is charged per Line/Word/Character basis. Enhancements like tick mark, colour, bold font, border lead to extra charges.


Dinathanthi Classified Display Ad is more visually appealing than classified text ads.


Here one can add customized font, colour, logo or image to make the ad visually more effective for the target readers.

These ads are charged on the basis of per sq.

Classified Text Ads in Daily Thanthi 


These Ads are published every day in simple running text format under predefined headings provided by newspaper in the classified column.

Classified Text Ads in Daily Thanthi newspaper are charged based on the number of Line or words used while drafting the advert.

This are plain text ads, but Daily Thanthi offers some enhancement options to make it highlighted using Background Color, Bold, Tick-mark options.

To check Daily Thanthi classified text ad rates click on the category from the above list. The page displays the applicable rate for the selected classified category.


Classified Display Ads in Daily Thanthi


This format gives freedom to the advertiser to design their own ad according to their choice using a different font, vibrant images and logo of your company.

Classified Display Ad in the Karur Daily Thanthi Newspaper are a bit higher on the price scale because they are more elaborate and eye-catching than classified text.

They are charged per square centimeter in the Daily Thanthi Newspaper.

There is a restriction for minimum and maximum Height and Width to be taken.

You can choose B/W or Colour as cost may vary. Call us Daily Thanthi Classified Display Rates.


Best Advertising Agency in Karur Daily Thanthi.


Category For Daily Thanthi Classifieds below :

Daily Thanthi Matrimonial Wanted Groom/Bride

Daily Thanthi Property Buy, Rent, Sell, Lease

Daily Thanthi Recruitment Situations Vacant/Wanted

Daily Thanthi Business Proposals, Offers

Daily Thanthi Personal Messages, Greetings

Daily Thanthi Vehicles Dealers, Auto Services

Daily Thanthi Services Catering, Instructors..

Daily Thanthi Lost of Certificates Or Marksheets

Daily Thanthi Loss of Documents

Daily Thanthi Lost and Found Name Change, Lost/Found

Daily Thanthi Change of Name Name Change, Lost/Found

Daily Thanthi Lost Share Certificate Share Certificate Lost

Daily Thanthi Court or Marriage Notice Court Notice, Marriage Notice

Daily Thanthi Public Notice Public Notices

Daily Thanthi Wedding Arrangements Wedding Services

Daily Thanthi Travel Holidays, Hotel & Resorts

Daily Thanthi To Rent House & Flat to let

Daily Thanthi Tenders Tenders

Daily Thanthi Situation Wanted Situation-Wanted

Daily Thanthi Announcement Address Change, Appeals

Daily Thanthi Retail Commercial, Bazaar..

Daily Thanthi Obituary Death Anniversaries..

DailyThanthi Marriage Bureau Marriage Agencies

Daily Thanthi Commercial Personal Health, Reunions

Daily Thanthi Education Admissions, Tuition..

Daily Thanthi Computers Services, Dotcoms

Daily Thanthi Remembrance In Memorial

Daily Thanthi Astrology Graha, Ratna


Leading Advertising Agency in Karur Daily Thanthi
Classified Ads in Daily Thanthi newspaper are popular for Matrimonial, Property to Rent, Sale of Property, Name Change, Obituary, Lost & Found, Recruitment (Appointment), Business, Vehicles for Sale / Purchase, Education Category.

Popular Advertising Agency in Karur Daily Thanthi.

Variable/Custom-sized Newspaper Advertisements:
Apart from the popular fixed-sized newspaper ads, there can be a number of options for Variable/Custom-sized advertisements.

The minimum accepted size for a custom-sized display ad for the newspaper is 20 sq cm except that in the case of the front page where the minimum required size is 240 sq cm.

Following are a few ad dimensions that are high in demand

4 cm (wide) * 5 cm (long)
8 cm (wide) * 8 cm (long)
8 cm (wide) * 12 cm (long)
12 cm (wide) * 20 cm (long)
16 cm (wide) * 20 cm (long)

Quarter Page
(16 CM W X 25 CM H) 400 sq cm space will be given for placing the ad

Horizontal Half Page Newspaper Advertisement
(33 CM W X 25 CM H)(825 sq cm) space will be given for placing the ad

Vertical Half Page Newspaper Advertisement
(16 CM W X 52 CM H) (832 sq cm) space will be given for placing the ad

Full Page
(32.9 CM W X 52 CM H) (1716 sq cm) space will be given for placing the ad.

Jacket Newspaper Advertisement
Jackets are extra pages meant to carry advertisements and are placed before the front page. Jackets are considered to be the most popular media in the premium category ad options and been preferred by most of the advertisers with a high budget.
Following are the sizes for the jacket:
Jacket Front Side: 32.9 cm width X 48 cm height
Jacket Back Side: 32.9 cm width X 52.5 cm height

Skybus Newspaper Advertisement (32.9 cm X 5 cm)
Skybus newspaper advertisements are narrow horizontal ads that cover the entire width of the newspaper and is present just under the newspaper title (masthead). In most cases, Skybus ads appear on the front page of the newspaper. A Skybus roughly covers an area of 165 sq cm.

Pointer Newspaper Advertisement (4 cm X 5 cm)
Pointer newspaper advertisements are small ads of 20 sq cm that appear on the front page of the newspaper. Although it is a must to take a minimum of 30inserts it may vary in exceptional cases.


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